FOOD Manufacturing is our DRIVING FORCE. we are leaders in providing tailor made food solutions.

We are specialized in product customization by understanding clearly the cultural and demographic barriers.  We own the largest one-stop food manufacturing facility in Punjab, Pakistan. Our facility caters to any food solutions with innovative product offerings.We are committed to taking the spices category to new levels with respect to health. We make everyday food in extraordinary ways. We relentlessly work to give our customers & consumers the best quality products, service, product selection & value.

Our Company

M.K.I Food Industries established in 1975, Muhammad Khurram Iqbal (M.K.I) Company is dedicated to providing superior quality spices.  Our company has improved more perfectly with advanced technologies and improve tastes in 2012.  A supportive healthy work environment is of paramount importance.
Real Spice of Pakistan:
Spices have a long and ancient history especially in Asia where they are a part of life and heritage several decades ago housewives used to grind the spices manually at home.  To make this process easier to housewives Muhammad Khurram Iqbal (M.K.I) visualized the concept of ready to use ground spices.  We have automatic machines to meet the fast-growing demands for M.K.I spices.  So much so today spices worth millions of rupees are manufactured & packed by modern machines & sold throughout Pakistan.
Commitment to Quality:
M.K.I company’s focus on quality has guided our success since the company’s creation.  As a result, customers have come to depend on the consistency of flavor.  All programs are substantial with supporting documentation, certification, and testing.
Food Safety:
Our product M.K.I has complete safety programs as we recognize the importance of investing in the safety of the food we make.

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